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Authentic Watch Strap

Authentic Key Pouch Classic

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Authentic Key pouch is produced from 100% repurposed bags.
• Thanks to the collapsible hook on the inside, it is attached to the D-ring of the bags,
Authentic Key pouch hooks open outwards,
• It has Louis Vuitton writing on the inside.
• You can use it as a key chain or coin key pouch,

Authentic Key Pouch sizes;

It measures 12x7 cm.

Cargo ;

• Our shipments are made by air cargo,
• We work with international companies such as UPS, FedEx, TNT DHL,
• Depending on the stock status, your cargo will be released on the same day or within 1-2 business days.

Note; Track your shipments as we do Fast Shipping.

Estimated arrival times by regions;

Europe - 1-2 business days
USA - Canada 3-5 working days
South Africa -4-6 working days
Australia 4-6 working days
New Zealand 4-6 business days


• In order to avoid problems at customs,
• We are debuting at low cost and as a gift according to the countries.
• If your cargo is stuck in customs, you can receive your cargo by paying a small fee.
• Customs costs belong to the buyer.